looking forwards

What we do

We help companies navigate challenging advancements in technology or business strategy.  We have specified technology, systems, applications and new business models for some of the worlds great companies.  We start by focusing on the clients needs and guiding them to find the right solution.  Our difference is the ability to leverage vast resources of global contacts and experience over decades of international business, technology and network developments.  Without the overhead of a traditional Monolithic consulting firm.

Our Story

Our founders found themselves with extra time after selling their business to a publicly traded multi-national.  We needed to put our experience to work and knew that our customers had new challenges.  As technology and the digital journey have disrupted nearly every major business, we began to find solutions to help a wide variety of clients facing the same challenges.

Intellectual Capital

It takes intellect and experience to make wise decisions.  Our team has played their cards right many times, leading to great success.

Phillip Kopp

Commercial Director

Serial tech innovator, started and led companies in hospitality tech (Somfy), wireless sensors (Energy Eye), payments tech (Debitec), hospitality SaaS (Cloudbeds), consulting (ceramiteK) and now Systems of Intelligence (hybrid SaaS energy analytics). Visionary focus on major paradigm shifts, authored or co-authored over 14 US Patents.

Ana Paula Kublinski

Operating Manager & LATAM

Real estate specialist, investor and developer.  Focus on Brazilian business development, materials distribution, import & export, real estate investment, clean energy and automotive technology. Licensed REALTOR in California.  Hyper-organized, and energized.

Next Steps...

Contact us if you need help navigating Design Thinking, IoT, Augmented or Virtual Reality or Smart Energy paradigms.