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CeramiteK was founded in 2011 and our journey has taken us from being a distributor, to being an IT consultant and now as a manufacturer of modern electronics

We help companies navigate challenging advancements in technology or business strategy using our expertise in Telecom, IoT, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big data and other smart technologies.  We have specified technology, systems, applications and new business models for some of the worlds great companies.

We start by focusing on the clients needs and guiding them to find the right solution. Our difference is the ability to leverage vast resources of global contacts and experience over decades of international  business, technology and network developments.

Without the overhead of a traditional Monolithic consulting firm.


Our CER PCBSLTE/5G pico cell base station is in production and deployed in India

Big data

We offer a wide range solution from our acceleration cards, to ready to deploy servers

Artificial intelligence

Our smart solution based on machine learning algorithms supports wide number of applications

Smart Vision

We have strong expertise in video surveillance and smart analytics

Our successful products

Big data analytics

Big Data analytics is a process used to extract meaningful insights, such as hidden patterns, unknown correlations, market trends, and customer preferences.

Implementing Big Data analytics provides various advantages — it can be used for better decision making and preventing fraudulent activities, including: Risk Management, Product Development, Innovation, Quicker and Better Decision Making, among other benefits. 

We have developed tools including our acceleration cards with BSP(Board support package)


Big data analytics



Big data analytics

card FPGA based


Big data analytics

card FPGA based

Machine Learning and Video Analytics

Deep Learning and Machine Learning use intense computing resources and are at the forefront of our engineering research. We have developed a co-processor in the PCIe (half size) acceleration card form factor, that includes a toolkit for neural network video analytics acceleration. Our toolkit supports acceleration (inference) of the following pre-trained neural network models:

  • Face, gender and age recognition
  • The trajectory of pedestrian movement
  • Detecting camera damage
  • Classification – person, bicycle, car
  • Car number identification and recognition
  • Classification of vehicles (truck, passenger, etc.)
  • Car color recognition (6 colors)
  • Emotion Recognition


Machine Learning
Video Analytics

Smart Camera

Smart Intercom

Modern intercom systems must meet the following parameters:

  • be part of a smart home;
  • be controlled by mobile phone, cloud technologies;
  • enable analytical functions, such as motion detection;
  • be integrated into video surveillance, building management systems, telephony, access control, general building automation system;
  • have remote access through the application;
  • use modern technologies - Bluetooth, NFC;
  • ensure cyber security, reliability and comfort of use. This device, which has a remote control system and allows the owner to always be aware of who called, makes it possible to receive a call remotely or open the door using a smartphone. The main consumers of intercom:
  • modern residents of housing complexes (LC) and private houses;
  • users of commercial facilities - offices, business centers, etc.;
  • administrators of inaccessible and remote facilities;
  • people who are open to the use of modern technologies


Machine Learning and Video Analytics

Smart intercom

Telecom wireless solutions

Using cell phones for both personal and business purposes, consumers have come to expect five-bar, reliable service. Fortunately, cellular network engineers have developed numerous solutions to meet modern cellular connectivity needs.
Whether in remote areas or inside structures made of signal-sapping building materials, there are a variety of choices to improve cell signal and decrease dropped calls. Passive and active distributed antenna systems (DAS) are the most popular go-to solutions.

Our solution have been already used and proved by famous telecom operators


Innovation Telecom wireless solutions

LTE/5G ready Picocell
base station


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